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Holiday in life and soul

16 Jan

Holiday in life and soul

Dilrabo was going to arrange party of her children. Guests were invited however, she was so busy with other arrangements that could not find the time for making this party wonderful as she dreamt. Following the party she started to find any holiday agency which would arrange holiday events of people and release the initiators of celebrations from decoration works. She found out that there was no any agency to provide such services. Dilrabo decided to organize her own holiday agency “Anisa”.

“One day I learned via local TV SM-1 about the contest for the best business plan initiated by the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan. I suggested my idea of holiday agency as a business plan and luckily my idea was supported and I became the winner of the contest” – said Dilrabo.

In addition, she attended start-up training arranged by the Microcredit fund “IMON” that helped her to improve her knowledge in entrepreneurship. In July of this year Dilrabo took from the Foundation the group credit “Sarchashma” in amount of 8000 TJS, which she used for opening of her own business, creating of job places.

In this business, Dilrabo is supported by her husband Ayubjon, who is a professional cameraman, as well as by her brother and friends.

“It’s not easy to succeed everywhere. I can get lost at work for hours: till late time the wedding party, and in the morning of the next day it is necessary to prepare a children’s corporate holiday. A free weekend is generally a rare fortune. The main thing – my relatives do not take offense, if I come to their birthdays at the end of the curtain, because before that I had a holiday for clients. On the contrary, they always support me. Without their help, it would be a hundred times more difficult for me”- shared our heroine.